19 Sep 2013

Serenity - Engraved Within (2005) demo

Serenity - Engraved Within

SERENITY is a highly gifted band from Austria and they deliver us a killer demo, which blew me totally away! “Engraved Within” is nearly perfect, that begins with the production, the songs, vocals, musicianship, songwriting… It’s unbelievable but each of the six tracks (“Gates To Serenity” is a intro!) convinces with dedicated hooks, a fantastic musicianship and much quality! Stylistically, they play somewhere between BRAINSTORM, EVERGREY and KAMELOT.

Slight Prog tendencies can’t be denied but the songs are still catchy. In the instrumental passages, they show their talents on their instruments but it’s never too much. In my opinion, SERENITY fit into the Melodic Metal category and they belong to the best ones in this genre! I have no clue what they could have done better on this self-produced (!) CD. Maybe the guitars could be a bit punchier – apart from that, I’m totally inspired. This is not my sole opinion, their album was demo of the month in Rock Hard magazine, it received great critics in all webzine reviews and the killer track “Engraved Within” will be on the next “Metal Crusade” sampler of the “Heavy Oder Was?!” magazine.

copas from http://www.metal-observer.com/articles.php?lid=1&sid=6&id=9004

01. Gates To Serenity (Intro) (1:21)
02. Forever (6:30)
03. Thriven (7:11)
04. Engraved Within (7:00)
05. Journey's End (3:53)
06. Dead Man Walking (4:27)
07. Guiding Light (7:09)

mp3 192 kbps


password : nymph



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